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ALICE stands for Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed. United Ways use this acronym to “put a face on” families who, despite working, still struggle financially.

ALICE families are working families who live above the poverty line, but earn less than the Household Survival Budget, a bare bones budget that reflects the actual costs of basic needs in each region across the state.  In our region, 31% of households are ALICE households, with another 13% who live below the poverty line.  Combined, the number of poverty and ALICE households equals the total population struggling to afford basic needs (44% in our region).

Connecticut’s United Ways commissioned the ALICE Study of Financial Hardship to better understand the financial struggles of working families across our state.  UWGNH uses this information to raise awareness about the needs of the ALICE population, and to advocate for policies and programs to improve ALICE’s financial stability.

View the 2020 ALICE Report here.


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