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CAN Partner Agencies



Support and Prevention

Our community will be strongest when our most vulnerable members are supported. United Way is working with our partners across the region to end homelessness in Greater New Haven. We use our regional response system to prevent homelessness whenever possible and to ensure that it is rare, brief, and non-recurring when it does happen.

Greater New Haven Regional Alliance to End Homelessness

The Greater New Haven Regional Alliance to End Homelessness is a collaborative of stakeholders committed to ending homelessness in the greater New Haven region. Go here for more information.

Greater New Haven Coordinated Access Network

United Way of Greater New Haven serves as the backbone of the Greater New Haven Coordinated Access Network (CAN). The CAN streamlines and standardizes the process for individuals and families to access assistance across a 19-town region, bringing together multiple stakeholders and agencies. By coordinating, we can rapidly end each person’s homelessness by connecting them with appropriate housing and resources as quickly as possible.

In Greater New Haven, we work to:

  • Quickly identify and engage with people experiencing homelessness
  • Divert people to housing solutions that allow them to avoid shelter
  • Provide immediate access to emergency shelter and crisis services
  • Always focus on helping individuals enter and maintain long-term stable housing

Ending homelessness does not mean that no one will ever experience a housing crisis again. However, with the right resources in place, we can change homelessness as we know it across our communities.

Coordinated Access Network Members

Coordinated Access Network Members


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