Intentionally Adapting Attachment Theory Post-Incarceration

EMERGE Connecticut, Inc. and Fair Haven Community Health Care have partnered with United Way of Greater New Haven since 2013 to bring Circle of Security Parenting to adults returning home from incarceration. As part of EMERGE’s Transitional Employment Program, this partnership has been intentional about adapting secure attachment curriculum to the unique needs of returning citizens in New Haven.

This presentation will describe how this partnership has used the Circle of Security curriculum to help men and women navigate the complexities of family reunification and dynamics of secure attachment while returning home from incarceration. Attendees will learn:

  •     How this partnership has formed to foster secure attachment within an organization.
  •     The importance of intentional program adaptation to the unique needs of specific populations, groups, and individuals.
  •     How Circle of Security has become the gateway to ongoing mental health services for individuals and families.
  •     First hand stories from fathers who will speak to the importance of attachment theory and Circle of Security in their own reentry experience.

Join Attachment Network of Connecticut (ANCT) Lunchtime Series with Alden Woodcock, Cordell Pemberton, & Tabari Hashim for a virtual conversation on Tuesday, May 18, at 12pm.


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