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Ending Homelessness

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Can we end homelessness? It’s not going to be easy or happen overnight. But United Way, working with dozens of partners in our community, has already done things we never thought possible.

In 2015, Connecticut was the first state in the country to house all homeless veterans. By the end of 2016, greater New Haven had matched every chronically homeless person to stable housing.

That means the people in our community who have been living on the streets and in shelters the longest and have disabling conditions now have hope for a better tomorrow.

Our goal is to make homelessness rare, and brief when it does happen. That means working together to help people facing homelessness stay housed and having a fast and efficient response to those who find themselves without a home.

We see the results:

  • We collaborated with partners to house 220 of the most vulnerable people over two years, saving taxpayers money and saving lives.
  • More than 30% of families at the door of shelter have been offered support to stay stably housed.
  • Homelessness in Connecticut has dropped 20% over the last six years.

For the last two years, United Way and our partners have worked with 3,955 homeless individuals, families, and youth to assess and match them to available resources. Our priorities are clear:

  • Divert as many families and households as possible from the streets and shelter.
  • House people as quickly as possible with the supports needed to stay housed.
  • Build people’s skills and resources to remain stably housed over time.

We all win when children are thriving, parents are working, and everyone has a safe place to call home.

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