Parent Leadership Training Institute


You Are a Parent. You Are a Leader.   

Be a positive change maker for the lives of children in your community.  


2024 Greater New Haven  


Parents are often a child's first and most important teacher and are the best advocates for children in society. And the role of parent extends beyond the traditional family model – aunts/uncles, older siblings, foster parents, and childcare providers also provide love, guidance, and protection to the children in their care. Together, all of these kinds of parents can speak out about community issues and be a voice that legislators, the media, and other parents listen to.  


Join the 20-week training experience that changes the lives of individuals and entire communities. Learn the links between culture, change management, and innovation. Launch, lead, and realize successful change initiatives, all while growing your own personal network! 

Greater New Haven February 2024 PLTI Application


Who Should Apply?  

We welcome applicants who see themselves as positive changemakers for the children in their lives and community. This can include those who are: aunties/uncles, foster parents, co-parents, older siblings taking care of younger family members, parents to be, and teachers/youth workers, childcare providers, and babysitters.  

If that sounds like you, APPLY HERE

Call or text JoAnne Wilcox at 203.952.4743 or email  


What is PLTI?  

The Greater New Haven Parent Leadership Training Institute (PLTI) is a community-driven collaborative focused on cultivating healthier, more inclusive communities and systems in which all communities thrive. Participation in the Greater New Haven PLTI is free of charge. Your time, commitment, and the successful completion of a community project that reflects your passion is what we ask for in return.  

PLTI is a growing movement, with 30 years of experience across the country and is locally sponsored by a partnership between Workforce Alliance and the United Way of Greater New Haven. 


What is the Commitment?  

Our next 20-week cohort begins Saturday, February 17th, 2024 and the commitment includes:   

  • A kickoff full-day Saturday retreat (required), to build relationships and develop goals for the cohort.  
  • A 20-week series of 3-hour weekly sessions:   
    • Weeks 1-10 focus on personal leadership, who you are as a parent leader.   
    • Weeks 11-20 focus on government, policy, and media, and how to claim your voice in these arenas.  
  • Each participant creates a community project that addresses a community issue the participant is passionate about. Projects are completed with support from the PLTI Coordinator and community mentors.  


What is provided? 

In addition to 20 weeks of leadership experience, participants receive:  

  • Training Supplies & Support! Each participant receives weekly class materials, supply packets, and support from the Site Coordinator.  
  • Childcare! We provide childcare stipends during weekly sessions for toddlers, infants, or young children.  
  • Food!  We provide each weekly session with a family meal.  
  • Transportation! Assistance for transportation to get to/from each session is available, if needed.  
  • Employment Resources!  Additional resources, supports, and services through the American Job Center.
  • Participation Stipend! A stipend of $500 for those who successfully complete PLTI.  
  • Certificate & Graduation Celebration! An event to acknowledge and celebrate PLTI participants from across the state of Connecticut! 


How do I apply?  

We're so glad you're interested! Please take time to thoughtfully complete this application.  

Once we receive your application, our Greater New Haven PLTI Site Coordinator JoAnne Wilcox will reach out to find a good time for a 30-minute interview (virtual). In this interview she will learn about your interest in the program, tell you more about PLTI, and answer any questions you might have.  


For more info, call or text JoAnne Wilcox at 203.952.4743 or email  


What is the selection process?  

Candidates will be selected from a pool of diverse applicants. The Civic Design Team will look at each application and consider each interview to choose participants who are interested in developing their leadership skills and who are able to commit to the program.   


What is the impact of PLTI?  

  • Graduates of previous PLTI cohorts have pursued community projects such as: making sure 3- and 4-year-olds get access to pre-school; ensuring school calendars reflect the holidays for their expanding communities; developing an education and training program by and for refugees; and facilitating cooking classes for elementary-aged youth through local schools.  
  • Nationally, PLTI’s thousands of graduates have gone on to write letters to the editor, testify before local and state governments, start nonprofit organizations, and even run for office.  
  • Each class of leaders will join a PLTI Alumni Group where they may continue their community projects and mentor the next class, creating an enhanced effect of community caring and developing a coalition of parent leaders.  


Have questions before you apply? 

Feel free to reach out to PLTI Site Coordinator, JoAnne Wilcox (she/her), at or feel free to call/text her at 203.952.4743.  

-PLTI Partners-





Thank you again for your interest in developing your skills as a parent leader!  

“We are the leaders we’ve been waiting for.”  


Program funding provided by Workforce Alliance through CT Dept of Labor ARPA funding. Equal Opportunity Program, Special Accommodations available for persons with disabilities upon request.


“What I have learned through PLTI is that every parent has the power to make positive change happen, no matter how big or small.” -PLTI graduate

“PLTI means empowerment, knowledge, confidence and translating passion into action. PLTI makes you rise above yourself to understand issues around us and work toward solutions.” -PLTI graduate

“It’s not about left or right... It’s about making the community better for our kids.” -PLTI graduate



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