Robert Kreitler

Education & Workforce Development

Businessman and philanthropist, Robert Kreitler, is an advocate for high-quality education and workforce development in greater New Haven.

Bob believes that high-quality education is one of the best ways to make a lasting impact in a child’s life. He seeks to improve local education by raising awareness about curriculum adjustments needed to fit societal changes. Additionally, Bob recognizes that many of the challenges children face are deeper than schools can solve on their own. Because of that, he strives to motivate community partners to support local youth education.

“A common thread in successful communities is that they have smart people who work together to solve problems. I try to facilitate this.” – Robert Kreitler

Bob is also an advocate for community workforce development – particularly for those who have experienced challenges, such as incarceration.

In addition to providing financial support for these causes, Bob also gets involved by giving his own time to be part of the solution.