Adaiah and Evann's Story

15-year-old freshmen Adaiah and Evann became friends over a common interest, science. They both participate in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) after-school club for students who want to learn through hands-on activities.

Thanks to your support of United Way’s quality after-school programs, local schools like Common Ground High School can provide STEM programs that help students become our future doctors and scientists.

“You [gain] the knowledge, but you don’t really get the experience [in class]. By doing STEM, it really helps. You get a better grip on it,” said Evann.

At United Way we believe students like Adaiah and Evann should be equipped to thrive in school and in life.

The STEM group went to Yale New Haven Hospital and witnessed an autopsy.

“It allows me to explore the medical side of learning more than we do. We have biology, but it really allows us to learn about the human body and more about science,” said Adaiah, who was homeschooled prior to entering 9th grade.

What do these girls want to do? While they have time to decide, they’re both interested in the medical field. Evann has thought about becoming a cardiologist, whereas Adaiah toys with the idea of being a neurosurgeon or medical researcher.

“We all have progressive ideas, and mindsets about what we want to do in our lives,” said Adaiah, “and the school and teachers really encourage us to explore that.”

Whatever the future holds, know that your support of United Way will help them get there.

“It allows me to explore the medical side of learning..."