Research Volunteer

Do you love research and history? Have you been looking for an opportunity to give back to the community? We have a project for you! We are seeking a volunteer to partner with us as we prepare to celebrate 100 years of impact in our community.

What You Will Do:

You will collect, gather, and organize the history of our organization, finding fun tidbits and photos to go with it.

You will spend time at the New Haven Museum collecting data, study newspaper headlines on the microfilm at our local libraries, and complete online research.

You will capture photos of newspaper clippings and scan or collect photos related to historical findings.

You will be an integral part of the 100 Year Team, join us for initial team meetings, and receive your own LIVE UNITED t-shirt!

What You Will Need:

In order to complete this project, you will need…

  • 40 +/- hours available, spread out over multiple months
  • A computer and other necessary electronic equipment
  • A general knowledge of technology, or the ability to find assistance and delegate the digital portion of this project 
  • Reliable transportation for archive searching and team meetings

When your research work is completed, we will need…

  • A timeline of our big organizational events and a short description to go with each one 
  • A digital folder with historical photos and newspaper clipping photos (USB drive will be provided)
  • A document to go with the digital folder with detailed captions and descriptions
  • 3-5 page summary of our history through the years
  • 2 page summary of greater New Haven history in 1920 (e.g., What was life like in 1920? What were big social issues? What did our organization focus on in 1920?)
  • A general summary of notable issues and happenings in the region’s history over the past 100 years that connect with UWGNH (e.g., a business that was founded that is a UW partner today, etc.)
  • Flexibility to complete other duties as assigned

We would be happy to integrate any other ideas you may have beyond those listed above. This project will begin as soon as you are available. 

If you’re interested in joining our 100 Year Team and contributing a valuable summary of history to the community, contact us today at [email protected]!