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Secure Start

We want all children to enter school developmentally on track in terms of health, literacy, social, emotional and intellectual skills. A nurturing bond between a parent and a child has been shown to be one of the most important factors in a child’s overall health. Through Secure Start, United Way helps parents develop healthy nurturing relationships with their child.

United Way focuses on the early childhood years because we know that the first years in a child’s life are critical for social, emotional, and physical development.  And, we know parents — and the quality of the parent-child relationship — have a huge impact on a child’s development.

United Way supports parents in our community by helping them learn about the importance of healthy and secure relationships, and how to nurture healthy relationships with their children.

Circle of Security™, a parent education framework based on decades of research, provides a clear roadmap for understanding children’s behavior.

United Way has made it possible for more parents to attend circle groups and develop healthy coping skills, which leads to nurturing relationships. These relationships are linked to better mental and physical health for both parents and children.

The good news? The healthier parents’ relationships are with their children, the healthier our community will be.

  • UWGNH works with 20 community partners to create strong parent child relationships.
  • We have reached 1,190 children and families.
  • To date, we have supported 85 Circle of Security™ parenting groups (677 total sessions.)
  • Our work has been recognized internationally as a community model for supporting healthy parent/child relationships.
  • 76% of parents reported a decrease in conflict with their children.

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